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Quad Safari Marmaris

Quad Safari Marmaris is one of the most magnificent activity that you can do individually. It is a unique activity for whom wants to seek action, adrenaline and thrill. This activity lasts 4 hours in total. Quad safari tour offers you an unforgettable day with dust, mud, soaking up and have lots of fun. We are waiting you to specially prepared track in private field with taken security precautions.

There are four sessions during the day. The activity starts these hours; 10:00, 12:00 14:00, 16:00. Our private service carts gets you from your hotel and afterward 15 minute voyage, we are taking you to our farm with prepared field.

Quad safari schedule

Before starting safari tour, our expert guides gives you lots of information about tour and if you want, you can do test drive. In the first stage, limitless entertainment and full of adrenaline tour is arranged for driving in the jungle roads, passing rivers and field drive.

The second stage takes place at the exclusive track with jumping platform, muddy pools, waterfall road etc. Marmaris quad safari tour is seen as an individual activity because every attender drives own vehicle.

Quad safari tour is four hour (half of a day) activity in total. Arrival, returning, preparing and safari. All of them lasts four hours. Vehicle drive time is between 1 hour 15 minute and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Booking details; There is no pre-payment for booking or no extra fees on the day. Contact with us for keeping your place and we would like to meet you at your arrival day so we can sort out all the details with you.

Marmaris quad safari trip

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