Marmaris diving trip

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Scuba Diving in Marmaris

Marmaris scuba diving tour is the most joyous tour that you can experience a different and exciting experimentation about discovering the life under the sea and living an unforgettable day.
While you enjoy diving during activity, you will find so many chance to swim and sunbath daylong.

Scuba Diving in Marmaris program begins boat to moving from port at 09:30. We are getting you from your hotel with our service carts freely. After coming other guests, boat starts to leave from the port.

First of all, professional instructors gives information about the day, how to use equipment and general diving education. When you arrive first diving point, attender are separated team by team. After wearing equipment and diving suit, you are going to first diving with diving teachers. Teachers always escort you to descent to underwater and underwater activities.

First diving occurs between 5 and 7 meters. In the course of diving, diving teachers will escort you. For this reason, there will not any problem, absolutely.

Second diving occurs between 5 and 10 meters. How many meters attender dive is depending on attender’s behaviours and underwater skills. Scuba diving tour is arranged with taking precautions and under zero risk.

First diving is an experimental diving. Because of this, diving is carried out more tranquil and the more stability. Trainers put fish-feed in your hand to put fish attention to come near you. After getting experience from first diving, you will get more enjoy from second diving. In this tour that lunch and equipment are included in the price (free),you will get chance long swim break at the various coves of Marmaris. Diving’s are carried out average between 16 and 24 minute. In the remaining time, you can snorkel, sun yourself or discover coves with swimming.

The boat returns Marmaris port at between 16:30 and 17:30 o’clock. Service carts will be waiting you to take away to your hotel.


Marmaris diving points

Baca Cave, Sarı Mehmet Headland, Goat Island Warping Head, Hayratlı Headland, Ince Headland Warping Head, Abdi Reyis Headland, Yazıh Rocks, Aksu Cove, Kütük Headland and Kadırga Headland are the diving points. In the diving day, diving points is determined where the boat will stop, at that day morning. Depending on situation of weather, sea and intense of coves varies from point to point. Depth of sea changes maximum between 30 and 50 meters.

NOTE: ATTENTİON! Children under 14 age cannot dive in accordance with federation rules, but they can locates their parent’s boat. Children between 14 and 18 ages can dive with their parent’s permission.

*Vertigo sufferers (ear infection and balance disorders)
*Asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, chest patients.
*Heart disease, high blood pressure, heavy feature drug users
*Undergoing heavy surgery in the last six months- pregnant women
*Hernia patients (by rating)
This rules are determined by Federation!

*Do not drink alcohol the night before.
*Have standard breakfast, do not eat trimmings.
*Do not dive, if you got flight the day before the day after the flight.
*Take your camera which is capable to shoot under the water.

Time: between 09:00 and 17:30 – every day

Included: Arrival- the return service, guidance service, lunch, instructor, education in theoretically and practically, diving equipment and personal accident insurance.

Not included: Photo and video shooting, drinks, souvenirs.

Do not forget take with you! ; towel, swimsuit, camera, sun cream, music player, newspaper or magazine.

Booking details; There is no pre-payment for booking or no extra fees on the day. Contact with us for keeping your place and we would like to meet you at your arrival day so we can sort out all the details with you.

Marmaris diving trip

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